TDU Retaining Wall System

TDU Retaining Wall System

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Our Retaining wall system will attach to your existing round trampoline or can be used with our In-ground Specific VPS Trampoline...

* Comes with hardware to attach to any round Trampoline and instructions on how to install the system.


Retaining walls are necessary to prevent landscape collapse and to make yard maintenance easy and efficient.

The Trampolines Down Under retaining wall systems are industry leading in safety and functionality.


  • Patented buckle system that increases in strength as pressure from landscape increases (7,691,032 B2)
  • No razor sharp metal edges that are found with metal retaining wall systems
  • Smooth rounded edge that is flat against the ring for a clean transition to soil
  • Durable light weight material for ease of installation, and for a long lasting product for years of enjoyment
  • Comes with self-tapping screws to attach to the frame of the trampoline
  • Includes Magnetic 5/16 hex head Bit for installation of self-tapping screws