With TDU Systems you know you are buying quality products designed with safer jumping in mind.

5-year Frame & Spring Warranty

5-year Frame & Spring Warranty

Simple & Easy Installation

Simple & Easy Installation

Free Shipping to lower 48 States

Free Shipping to lower 48 States


The Brilliance of Bounce. At the heart of our trampolines lies the springs. We take pride in using commercial-grade springs, making them extra-long, and incorporating 33% more springs than our competitors. Experience the brilliance of every jump.


Trampoline Spring Count. Experience the bounce of a lifetime with our 14' VPS Trampoline featuring an impressive 104 springs, each measuring 8.5" in length and 1.25" in diameter. Our springs are meticulously galvanized before forming, ensuring unmatched rust resistance and prolonged durability. To enhance strength, they are also tapered at each end.


Sturdy Full Frame with In-ground specific Double Ring. Our trampoline is the ONLY in-ground specific double ring FULL FRAME. Crafted from industry leading 12-gauge (wall thickness) 55,000 psi steel pipes. Galvanized inside and out, then Powder Coated – which guarantees unmatched strength, stability, and durability.


Extended Leg Neck Joint. We've gone the extra mile by extending the frame/leg joint 2" beyond standard trampolines, providing superior leg stability and frame rigidity. Each leg and frame section are securely fastened with the included nut, bolt, and washers.


Innovative Vented Safety Pad. Step into a new era of trampoline safety with our groundbreaking patented Vented Safety Pad. Crafted from heavy-duty 20 oz vinyl and mesh, this safety pad is a game-changer. REMEMBER-If your trampoline doesn’t have a Vented Pad, it’s not meant to be in the ground.


Here's why it stands out:


Maximum Airflow Say goodbye to stuffy, airless trampoline experiences. Our Vented Safety Pad is engineered to ensure optimal airflow, enhancing your bouncing pleasure and safety.


Efficient Water Drainage Unlike conventional pads, our design allows water to drain effortlessly beneath the foam. This feature prevents premature aging and ensures that your pad remains in peak condition.


Unparalleled Comfort Experience a new level of comfort with the mesh-covered top. Even on scorching summer days, it remains cool to the touch, enhancing your overall trampoline experience.


Peace of Mind We stand by our product's durability and performance. That's why we offer a 3-year warranty*, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your investment. (We suggest customers to treat spring pads with 303 Aerospace Protect or similar, to extend the life of the product).


Elevate your trampoline safety and enjoyment with our Innovative Vented Safety Pad. It's not just a pad; it's a trampoline enhancement designed to provide ultimate comfort and durability. Order now and bounce with confidence!


Lower Support Frame. Pioneering Lower Support Frame: An Unprecedented Feat in the Industry. Prepare to be astounded by our groundbreaking Lower Support Frame. It's not just innovative; it's a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Here's why it stands head and shoulders above the competition:


Unmatched Wall System Compatibility


Both the top and bottom support frames are meticulously engineered to seamlessly integrate with the GEN2 Surround wall system. This remarkable feat, unparalleled in the industry, not only requires minimal backfill but also provides unparalleled wall support while impeccably straightening the entire structure. Experience trampoline support like never before. Our Lower Support Frame sets an entirely new industry standard for safety, functionality, and structural integrity. Upgrade your trampoline experience today and be among the first to revel in this exclusive innovation!


Pre-Drilled Top Frame. For your convenience, our trampoline features pre-drilled holes in the top frame, making the installation of our safety net system a breeze. (Safety net system sold separately)


  • No razor sharp metal edges that are found with metal retaining wall systems
  • Top and bottom frame attachment locations for increased frame support
  • Durable light weight material for ease of installation, and for a long lasting product for years of enjoyment
  • Comes with self-tapping screws to attach to the frame of the trampoline

Includes Magnetic 5/16 hex head Bit for installation of self-tapping screws