TDU Vented Safety Pad RECTANGULAR 10x14

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Designed specifically for OUR TDU/Capital 10x14’  in-ground rectangular trampoline.Our patented Vented safety  pads have a series of perforated holes to allow air to flow through the pads. This allows for a vastly improved bounce and eliminates that annoying ‘pad slap’ noise. 


The safety pads are fixed onto the trampoline with elastic  toggles which pass through eyelets on the underside of the pad and then wrap around the frame.

  • Better bounce- Improves bounce quality on in-ground trampolines
  • Looks great!- Flush to ground design looks great and is easy to mow around
  • Mold resistant- High quality PVC is moisture and mould resistant
  • Extra thick pads- High density foam for safety and performance
Keep cool- The airflow keeps the pad cool and prevents it becoming too hot to sit on during hot summer days.