About Our Products


We Not only provide retaining wall systems for your in-ground trampoline, but we also have designed ,engineered and Patented a REVOLUTIONARY safety pad that allows PROPER AIRFLOW to escape through the pad-Minimizing the Common "Pad Slap"  noises from the safety pad being forced up with air and then slapping back down on the springs, and it also Increases the bounce quality of your in-ground Trampoline! 

*** Having a QUALITY Built Trampoline with a HIGH Spring Count, and Larger 8.5" Springs will help ensure you have a quality bounce when you trampoline is installed at Ground Level. 





Our product is a light weight, durable Polyethylene molding, with a patented self locking buckle system. These features allow the user to snap the system together in MINUTES!  The TDU System is the ONLY patented in-ground retaining wall system on the market today!

Installation of our kit allows the user to install their trampoline at ground level while retaining the surface from collapsing under the trampoline. This surface retention system also allows a flush transition from the trampoline ring to the ground, making edging, and yard maintenance a breeze!

Our ground level system dramatically reduces the injuries associated with trampolines, by eliminating falls to the ground, reducing the height above the ground while jumping, and eliminating injuries to children walking under the trampoline while others are jumping.

Trampolines that are above ground, especially those with safety nets are an easy target for severe damage during a wind storm. Our kit will virtually eliminate the possibility of having the wind carry away your trampoline.



Step 1.

Prepare a hole 1 ft. larger in diameter than the trampoline, and 3 ft. deep. (14' trampoline requires 15' hole)


Step 2

Secure inter-locking panels to the top ring of the trampoline using the self tapping screws provided in the kit (as shown in the diagram to the right).


Step 3

After the panels have been secured around the trampoline frame, it is now ready to be placed in the pre-dug hole.


Step 4

Once the trampoline frame is level and flush with the surrounding grade, backfill the inside perimeter first (A) with dirt or gravel to the mid-point of the panel then backfill the outside (B).


Step 5

Install the trampoline mat and safety pad then enjoy your new in-ground trampoline!



In addition to the TDU Retaining wall System, and the Vented Pad System (VPS) -Trampolines Down Under also Manufactures the BEST IN-GROUND SPECIFIC Trampoline on the Market!  ** CAN ALSO BE USED AS A HIGH QUALITY ABOVE GROUND TRAMPOLINE AS WELL**

Our Trampoline was designed to withstand the physical demands of putting a trampoline in the Ground.